B2B marketing: It’s in our DNA

Larouche B2B has over 20 years of experience in B2B marketing. Larouche B2B is the leader in creating and deploying marketing communications strategies designed specifically for the B2B sector and that will help your company raise brand awareness.

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Why measuring your marketing ROI is so important

Businesses calculate their returns on investment (ROIs) on many different departmental projects.
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Why Hire a Communication Agency Instead of Doing the Work Internally?

Outsourcing is a collaborative business technique between two companies where one company hires another to handle a part of its activities.
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Larouche Helps T-CAAN to Work Harder

T-CAAN, Canada’s largest and most extensive network of independent advertising, marketing and communication agencies, held its annual conference this week.
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Globalization at the Brink? Interview with Peter Hall – Chief Economist at EDC

On May 25, Peter Hall, Chief Economist at Export Development Canada (EDC), was in Quebec City to give his annual presentation “Let’s Talk Exports”.
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How you can prepare to comply with Canada’s new anti-spam legislation

Beginning on July 1, 2017, Canada’s anti-spam laws will come into full effect.
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Using online customer reviews to promote your business

Did you know that online reviews have become important criteria for potential customers as they decide with which company they want to do business?
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Tips to inciting your employees to become brand ambassadors

Did you know that employees are probably your company’s best ambassadors?
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Larouche ends Stéphane Veilleux’s life—as a freelancer

After two months of watching Stéphane Veilleux prowl the agency’s hallways, Jean-François Larouche decided it was time to convince him to become his new creative director.
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Top tips to secure funding

The adage says that money doesn’t grow on trees.
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Larouche Marketing Communication welcomes new director of digital strategy

Larouche Marketing Communication is pleased to welcome Faouzi Abdelkéfi to the team as its new Director of Digital Strategy.
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The latest on the Canada-US softwood lumber dispute

For the fifth time since the beginning of the 80s, Washington has trigger a highly volatile commercial dispute in the softwood lumber industry.
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How B2B and ecommerce can go hand in hand

According to a study by the CEFRIO in 2014, only 29% of online purchases came from B2B companies.
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Why investing in your logo is a smart idea

The Internet abounds with inexpensive solutions—and businesses have increasing access to a wide variety of free or cheap resources and tips.
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Corporate social responsibility A must for all companies

Today, people are much more aware and wary of what public figures, the media and companies communicate to them.
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Leitao’s budget Businesses come out big winners

On March 28, 2017, Carlos Leitao unveiled Quebec’s 2017-2018 budget, which Premier Philippe Couillard described as the “budget of hope”.
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Managing your brand image How valuable is your company brand?

Every company has an image that it wants and an image that it currently projects in the eyes of consumers.
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Jean-François Larouche Honorary President of the Gala de la relève en communication

On March 16, 2017, the Pierre Lassonde Pavilion at the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec, played host to the Gala de la relève en communication.
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Leveraging artificial intelligence in your business

Artificial intelligence (AI) may appear surreal—but it permeates our day-to-day lives.
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The manufacturing industry The digital transformation

In this day and age, can you still envision taking all of your orders by phone, updating your inventory manually, or using a print map to find your way?
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