Quality, part after part

Among the most efficient machine shops in North America, APN is an international-level partner in sectors as competitive as aeronautics and the military.

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The challenge

To position the company as a key player in its sector. To develop very niched positioning representative of aeronautics production.

  • English
  • French
  • Canada
  • United States
  • Mexico
  • Brand management
  • Visual identity
  • Positioning statements
  • Press release
  • Sales tools
  • Website
Target markets
  • Aeronautics manufacturers
  • Military industry
  • Specialized digital machining operations

To develop the company’s overall positioning

Our accomplishments

First, we designed the website, in English and French, with the desired positioning in mind and by integrating high-quality photos.

APN has acquired two American companies that provide the basic tools to manufacture parts made by APN. Secondly, we then standardized the two American companies’ images to integrate them with APN’s. Larouche Marketing Communication also developed positioning statements aligned with APN’s: Perfection Multiplied.

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All of the messages related to APN’s new acquisitions were also developed, thereby demonstrating its high production capacity as well as the effectiveness of customer service.

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Jean-François et son équipe ont été capable d’amener l’effet wow chez APN.

Jean Proteau, co-président APN