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voonyx employe 01

A hub grey matter

Voonyx is an expert software engineering firm based in Québec City. It expertly masters the latest IT trends even before they become common practice.

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The challenge

Promote the team and its experts. Voonyx’s strength comes from its team, as the company develops customized solutions for its customers. We had to ensure that the web platform properly conveyed that the company’s employees are at the forefront, and demonstrate that projects materialize thanks to them.

  • English
  • French


  • Positioning statement
  • Visual identity
  • Website
Target markets
  • Insurance companies
  • Large private companies
  • Large public companies
  • SMEs

Design a website and create a strong visual identity

Our accomplishments

We designed the Voonyx website to leverage their unique offering. We used a distinct photographic approach and an axis of communication that showcased the team members’ expertise as well as their values.

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