Any company looking to succeed must develop a solid and actionable marketing strategy that is aligned with its business plan. Commercializing products or services must be planned beforehand as efficiently as possible to generate optimal results. As 2017 is just around the corner, here are some trends that you should consider for your upcoming marketing initiatives. 

Increase the resources dedicated to social media    

Companies often publish content on their social media platforms that is very general. As a result, users tend to ignore it. Although social media networks, by their very nature, target the general public, this does not mean that the content should be general and of little value. That’s why it’s so important to have a content marketing strategy and editorial calendar to more effectively target followers and potential customers. 

Social media must always be about personalization and relevance. Businesses must therefore invest the necessary resources to leverage the platforms that are best suited for their industries. A company must start a conversation with their current and potential customers in order to establish relationships with them. The number 1 objective is to get consumers interested in your product and buy it based on the ties you’ve created with them. Aimlessly publishing content without a clear strategy is akin to shooting bullets in the dark.  

Get your message across through video 

Due to the skyrocketing use of mobile devices, videos are becoming increasing popular and are an important tool in any cohesive marketing strategy. While videos are not inherently a new trend, they’ll continue to dominate in 2017 as a means to reach target audiences: their effectiveness has not gone unnoticed by companies in a variety of different sectors. 

Videos enable a business to communicate a lot of information in a short period of time and to reach captive audiences. What’s more: videos can reach a wider audience and increase a company’s visibility. After all, they can be shared on many different social networks. In addition, many time-strapped consumers prefer watching a video than reading a text. 

Personalization: The key to better commercialization 

You’ve probably notice that many major brands invest more and more in personalizing their products. Personalization plays a major part in the overall customer experience—particularly when someone purchases or uses your product. 

For example, searches performed on Google will influence the results of upcoming searchers. Companies must apply the same principle when devising their brand experiences and improving their customer experiences. Personalization inevitably increases customer loyalty and is more likely to incite people to purchase a product or service.

Marketing: It’s all about the experience

Millennials, which are currently a major consumer demographic, crave an experience when they make a purchase. These consumers are much more likely to spend for an experience rather than just a good deal. This is one of the main reasons why, for example, they prefer travelling than saving for retirement. A brand must pay close attention to its customer experience and obsess with ways to improve it so as to cater to this new purchasing dynamic. The best way to determine what needs to be changed is to ask customers directly. Naturally, there will be some negative comments; however, many will take the time to answer your questions. You have much more to gain by carrying out this type of exercise than ignoring the voice of your customers. 

No matter what technology solutions or trends you decide are right for your business, the most important part is good planning. It’s the best way to choose which marketing tactics make sense for your business. Planning is also synonymous with staying on top of new trends and to question your current strategy. Don’t be afraid of change or rethinking your paradigms. This is Larouche Marketing Communication’s modus operandi: plan ahead in order to better communication and reach target audiences.


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