Are you looking to boost your sales for 2017? Do you need to accelerate your sales cycle? One great way to make your sales team more efficient and effective is by giving them the right tools.

Hone out your strategy

One word: planning. Make sure you develop a 360-degree strategy for your market development initiatives. Start by asking yourself how you envision your team and business in three years—both from a numbers (think: sales goals) and qualitative standpoint (how you would like to be viewed in the industry.

Carve out some time to carefully analyze your sales structure and ensure that your sales team has the right territories and market segments. You may be surprised that some sales territories require more work or focus due to demand or local realities. This is the perfect opportunity to re-assign clients or regions based on your sales team’s performance and close rates. In addition, make sure you take the time to explore low-hanging fruit. Is there any way you can upsell different products and services to your existing clientele?

Another important consideration: look for ways that you can better support your sales team. They need the marketing strategies and tools to work their magic. For example, list each sales rep’s strengths and weaknesses. You may uncover untapped potential or find ideas to improve your overall sales success rate. 

Sharing knowledge and best practices 

In order to reach your business goals, marketing and sales teams must be invited to the table during your annual strategic planning sessions. This way, every member of your company will be aligned with your vision and over-arching strategy. Schedule regular meetings so that teams can share their challenges and objectives. Meetings that bring all teams together will enable you—and the entire company—to keep an eye on the overall objective.

In sum, prep your teams so that they can achieve amazing results. By creating a motivating, healthy and engaging work environment, you’ll go a long way to boosting your sales and marketing team’s morale. 


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