Now, more than ever before, social media is part of our day-to-day lives. In 2015, the CEFRIO published a report indicating that “nearly three-quarters (72.8%) of Québec adults use social media, which corresponds to 86.9% of Québec Internet users.” What does this mean for manufacturers of any size? Seize the opportunity and get active on social media!

A well-devised social media strategy and execution can generate tangible results for your company: increased sales, improved visibility and notoriety, and easier recruitment. Here are some examples:

Building a network of influencers

For B2B sales, LinkedIn is a top social media platform. It enables you to build a network of professionals in your field. You can access content that is relevant to your business and participate in communities that are in your sector. Furthermore, LinkedIn is ideal for business development, sales and recruitment. By sharing content and exchanging with like-minded professionals, you’ll increase awareness and notoriety of both your company and products.

Due to its widespread, global use, Facebook is also a very popular social media platform, particularly if you want to develop an online community. The community you will build with Facebook will share common interests: your company, products, services and industry.


Recruter à l’aide des réseaux sociaux

Les entreprises ont avantage à recruter sur les médias sociaux, notamment en raison du grand bassin d’utilisateurs qui s’y trouvent, mais également en raison des économies réalisées en ne payant pas de services de recrutement clé en main. Facebook et LinkedIn seraient les canaux à privilégier, mais pour des utilisations différentes. Facebook est une vitrine pour faire valoir votre entreprise. Montrez qu’il est agréable de travailler chez vous et entretenez des conversations avec votre communauté. LinkedIn, quant à lui, est le réseau idéal pour recruter, puisqu’il est l’outil de réseautage professionnel le plus utilisé en Amérique du Nord. Vous pouvez y publier votre offre gratuitement en ciblant des groupes spécialisés. Les diverses applications tant gratuites que payantes vous aideront à trouver la perle rare.

Regardless of what social media platform you want to use, you must, above all, not forget that social media requires a dialogue with your community, as Michelle Blanc, a social media expert, points out. “A company must enable, plan for and maintain a dialogue with followers. You have to initiate a conversation with your market.” Your community can actually become a voluntary focus group: you can easily glean your customers’ opinions on various subjects and follow the evolution of their needs. You’ll be able to evaluate their satisfaction levels and provide yet another channel for great customer service.

Recruiting via social media

Companies looking for qualified personnel should definitely take advantage of social media. Not only do many platforms have an enviable number of users but they also can be an affordable way to recruit personnel without investing hefty amounts of money. Facebook and LinkedIn are two main platforms you can use for recruiting; however, your approach will be different for each. On Facebook, adopt a friendly tone and interact with your followers. With LinkedIn, as it is the largest and most widely used professional network in North America, you can reach out to potential candidates as well as publish job offers that target specific groups—without necessarily paying for advertising. With both Facebook and LinkedIn, there is a wide variety of tools that are either free or offered at different prices. Make sure you take advantage!

Increase your company’s visibility

Using social media will help you drive traffic to your website and boost your company’s overall visibility with potential new customers. Your search engine rankings will also be optimized, because Google takes into consideration the content you post on social media. In other words, people performing searches for products or services on social media will be more easily steered to your website.

In sum
Social media can help your company to:

• Generate interest and enthusiasm around your business activities
• Announce new products and services
• Develop a community of current and potential customers that support your products and services
• Penetrate new markets

Social media is not rocket science. However, in order to take full advantage of all the marketing opportunities it affords, make sure you call upon the services of social media experts for your strategy.


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Are you planning to leverage social media for business development?