Did you know that employees are probably your company’s best ambassadors? Have you ever considered developing an internal communications plan to incite them to promote your business? By relying on employees, you’ll benefit from an easy, cost-effective means to increasing your brand awareness—all while motivating and engaging your staff.

To get employees stoked on the idea, they need to feel as though they are part of a team and that they have a direct impact on the company’s success and growth. Your company’s vision, values and culture must be communicated throughout the organization on a daily basis. Most importantly, employees must understand the importance in helping to promote the company.

Encourage your employees to share on social media

Get your employees in on the action by encouraging them to share corporate news on their social media networks. This is the first, crucial step to reaching a wider audience with your content. Each employee has followers in their field of expertise and your industry. Leverage this great opportunity to gain greater visibility, increase market penetration and boost overall revenues. For employees, sharing company posts will also help them gain notoriety and credibility. 

Pinpoint the right ambassadors 

Within each team, identify team members who have great networks and are passionate about their jobs and your business. Work with them to motivate other colleagues to promote your company. Never underestimate the power of teamwork when it comes to getting your message out there.

Simplify the process 

You cannot expect everyone to equally participate in your marketing initiatives. Some employees may feel ill at ease at promoting your business—and you must respect their decision. As you get more and more staff members involved in your daily marketing initiatives, make sure you simplify their workload. Nominating a head ambassador can do wonders in creating a fun and stimulating work environment in which employees want to participate in your marketing strategy. Set up a process to allow employees to provide constructive feedback and suggestions. After all, many great ideas come from the very people you work with!  

Recognize people’s efforts 

Employees often have a personal tie to their company and its brand; that’s why they are eager to contribute in helping both shine. If you ask your employees to dedicate time in increasing your brand awareness, don’t forget to recognize their efforts! Think of different and creative internal communications tools that can effectively highlight everyone’s accomplishments and ensure consistent feedback on your content marketing strategy. 


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