The Internet abounds with inexpensive solutions—and businesses have increasing access to a wide variety of free or cheap resources and tips. Today, you can even get a logo for your company for as little as $5. But is that your best bet? Definitely not!

Despite its small size, a logo plays an important role in all your communications tools. You can never overestimate the tremendous asset a well-designed logo can be for your business. Your logo conveys a key message, which is comprised of several elements that make up your company’s unique personality. An effective logo is your number-one opportunity to distinguish yourself from the competition and grab people’s attention. Whether you operate a local, national or international business, your identity must be understood by your target audiences.

Never plagiarize  

A graphic designer can spend hours and even days creating the perfect logo for your company. Cheap logos available on the web are mass-produced; by opting for one of these, you’ll risk having a similar brand image as several other companies around the world. If this is the case, you’ll be faced with legal problems, which will make you rue the day you didn’t work with a professional agency for your logo. 

Create an impactful brand 

With a unique logo that represents your vision or competitive advantages, you’ll stand out from the competition and generate long-lasting impact in the minds of your target audiences. When people remember a logo, they remember the company. Your logo is one of the pillars of your overall marketing strategy and a powerful tool to establish your business as a leader in your market sector. 

Strengthen your credibility  

If your company is a start-up, your logo’s design is even more important. Your logo is the first image people will have of your business. An original and professional logo shows that you care about your reputation and can be trusted by clients. 

Remember: your logo will be found everywhere, from your website to letterhead to corporate apparel to labels to ads and so much more. Everywhere you go, your logo will follow. Make sure that your logo represents the value you bring to the table, creates an emotional tie, remains relevant through time, and tells a compelling story—yours! 


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