For any business in today’s competitive landscape, it is essential to be present on the web to increase sales. More and more people are going online to research products and services before they buy; website content and reviews by like-minded consumers greatly influence their overall buying decision. However, traditional marketing will always play an important role in a market development strategy. By combining both techniques, you are sure to come out a winner. 

A well-thought-out website  

While traditional marketing is still relevant, having an online presence is a must. Your website is the first impression potential buyers have when looking for a product or service. Your site is also the gateway to hundreds, if not thousands of consumers. People who visit your website are highly interested buyers and probably found your company by a search engine. You are much more likely to make a sale with these consumers than by cold calling. This means that your website is your prime real estate: it must be properly designed and convey the right messages. If not, potential buyers will visit your competitor. 

Traditional marketing vs digital marketing 

Traditional marketing allows you to reach a high number of people in the most effective way possible. Digital marketing, on the other hand, targets a more specific segment of consumers and gives you the opportunity to build a relationship with them. Digital marketing can be carried out by social media, email lists and online ads. These are affordable ways to generate—and measure—results. For example, a CRM offers an amazing potential to “push” the right products and services to very targeted audiences. Traditional marketing enables you to get marketing material into the hands of potential customers and to “touch and feel” your brand. Moreover, people are used to traditional marketing material and often want a copy to read offline and for future reference.

The winning combination 

Here’s an example of how you can incorporate both types of marketing. Send out a flyer and invite people to visit your website to learn more about what you offer or print a coupon. Invite them to like your Facebook page. During an event, you can capture email addresses or invite attendees to follow your company on social media when they stop by your store. By being particularly aware of the buyer’s journey, you can mix and match different marketing strategies that are best suited to your clientele.

With traditional and digital marketing, you can get your message across various channels. Depending upon your target audience, you can use one or the other. Digital marketing will allow you to reach a younger audience. However, by combining both methods, you’ll be able to mitigate their disadvantages and attain a higher number of potential customers. 


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