Innovation—and remaining competitive—is at the top of many companies’ list of priorities. In order to stand out from the crowd from a commercialization standpoint, businesses must find new ways to innovate to boost sales and open new markets.


What is an innovative company?

According to Investissement Québec, “an innovative manufacturing company integrates new technologies to export value-added products, which enable it to substantially increase its penetration in key markets.” This may seem very complex and you may be wondering where to start. Investissement Québec offers companies a loan that will help you achieve your commercialization goals. This loan (a minimum of $50 000) can be used to hire an expert to commercialize your products. You can even qualify for up to $250 000 to cover the costs of the entire project.

Solutions to take your project to the next level

Commercializing your latest innovations must start with a well-thought-out strategy. Larouche B2B has over 20 years’ experience in marketing products for manufacturing companies. We understand market realities and can help you put together a commercialization strategy that will generate the right impact and achieve your sales objectives. For more information, visit:


Investissement Québec. Propulser nos manufacturiers innovants..

Do you want to commercialize your latest innovations?