Already renowned for its high-quality products, Fromagerie de l’Isle-aux-Grues recently launched six new fine cheeses for cheese shops and other gourmet stores. This launch coincided with the unveiling of the company’s visual identity, which has become the foundation for all of its future commercialization efforts. Fromagerie de I’Isle-aux-Grues selected Larouche Marketing Communication to revamp its visual identity due to the agency’s proven track record in the agri-food industry.

A revamped brand identity

Apart from launching an entire new generation of products with unique tastes and appearances, Fromagerie de I’Isle-aux-Grues wanted to consolidate and strengthen its product line and positioning in cheese shops and gourmet stores. Our agency developed ahead-of-the-curve packaging, which was at the heart of the strategy. The new visual identity—simple and evocative all at once—pays tribute to the Isle-aux-Grues region. It not only has become the central focus of all the cheeses’ packaging but also clearly communicates the products’ distinct, local ingredients and production. In addition, the logo and company name were updated to Fromagerie de l’Isle to improve in-store merchandising and brand awareness. Subtle, simply and thoroughly modern, the company’s visual identity better highlights each cheese and will help to support upcoming product launches.

New cheeses. New names.

Our agency also worked on finding the product names of 5 out of the 6 new cheeses; each cheese is associated with a character or legend that has marked the history of Isle-aux-Grues.


Larouche Marketing Communication assisted Fromagerie de I’Isle-aux-Grues in carrying out the brand extension of its prestigious cheeses. La-Bête-À-Séguin is the first outcome of this well-thought-out process. Thanks to a close partnership between Fromagerie de I’Isle-aux-Grues and Marc Séguin, a renowned international painter and resident of Île-aux-Oies for several years, this innovative product amazes cheese aficionados by its bold taste and aroma.

“We are thrilled to have helped Fromagerie de I’Isle-aux-Grues reposition and revamp its brand. The company is a true Québec success story—and it is important to honor the quality of its products and dedication of the local artisans that create such mouth-watering cheeses,” explained Jean-François Larouche, President of Larouche Marketing Communication.

 La bête à Séguin cheese


Fromagerie de l'Isle products labels


Marketing team. From left to right : Chantal Rancourt, Daniel Leduc, Marc Séguin, Raynald Laflamme, Jean-François Larouche, Sabrina Bouabcha and Claude Desrochers

From left to right : Chantal Rancourt, Daniel Leduc, Marc Séguin, Raynald Laflamme, Jean-François Larouche, Sabrina Bouabcha et Claude Desrochers.


Claude Desrochers – Head of Strategy and Creative Director

Sabrina Bouabcha - Advisor

Raynald Laflamme – Artistic Director


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